Cabbage Casserole | Cooking With Brenda Gantt 2022

By | December 27, 2022
Cabbage Casserole | Cooking With Brenda Gantt 2022

Oh y'all we fixed to have something good Now We're gonna have something that even if You don't like cabbage you are gonna Love this but trust me darling on this One If you go to church and you take this to A a function you're gonna come back with An empty pot I can tell you I'm grating me some cheese I've got to Have a cup And I'm getting it going here Let's see Foreign Get it I'll show you how we're gonna use It just a second okay all right Here we go I have taken a Big cabbage and cut about a third of it Off because I didn't need all of it and I put it in this casserole then I sliced Up a big onion Like this Slice it like that just big big pieces Put that over it then you take Some um butter And melted A half a stick Pour it over the top of this Like that Make sure you get it on everything now Everybody wants to buy the butter don't They There you go now you put a little salt And a little pepper a while ago I was

Using this pepper and it came out like a Freight train Listen I'm serious about this y'all if You if you do not like cabbage You are going to love this oh my gosh I Got way too much right over here let me See if I can't pick some of that off I'll take it over my sink and wash it Off I don't know why that pepper wants to Come out so fast Wait just a minute that's just too much Night Put a little butter on top of that all Right so that's all you do salt and Pepper and your onion okay next you're Going to do some little bit of mixing I have put one can of cream of chicken Soup in this bowl right here cream of Chicken soup and you mix one cup of your Favorite mayonnaise in it All right you're gonna put this on the Top all over your casserole now I Promise y'all This is fine it's fine now and and You're gonna love it and so so all your Guests and this one taste good at Christmas time also be something Different You can fix this part up the night Before just kind of cover it with some Uh plastic wrap And then uh the next day you could put Your topping on it

I'll show you how to do the topping This is fine though y'all fine fine fine Fine Gonna be good Good you people up there in the north Y'all freezing today I know bless your Sweethearts I wish you was down here with me you Think it was summertime I think it's Cold but you would probably Think that it's not cold When the people from the north come down To the South we've already all got on Our sweaters and stuff and Um and they got on shorts they said it Feels good to us They're so used to the cold weather I Guess I had some Northerners yesterday in my Book the other day Saturday at my book Signing and um They looked like they were freezing to Me but they said they were fine just Smear that around all over it Okay That's all you do right there Okay now we're gonna make our toppings So what we're gonna need for it see There that's all you do all right is That quick quick and easy take you a Sleeve of um Some kind of round buttery cracker and Crush that up Real good

Okay let me get me a bowl Okay Y'all ever used to take the salt and Crackers and you pour your glass of milk You pour your glass of milk And then you dip your cracker in it and Then take a bite have y'all ever done That it is it's so good I love it like That all right you got one of those all Right let me see make sure we got the Rest of the stuff right Uh We need a stick of butter melted so let Me go let me go do that My kitchen a lot of y'all think it's big Well it's not it is little it's a little Kitchen I'm gonna put this in a Measuring cup and go there and stick it In my microwave I'll just use this one right here We'll go over there and melt it up Real quick it won't take but a second Okay I got it melted so if you take all Here's all you do for the top you take Your your uh buttery crackers mix The Stick of melted butter in it A cup of grated cheese in it Flip it around a time or two Y'all remember the olden days they used To have what they called a spoon Bowl Well a spoon jar I mean well I've got One over here in other words I've got a Jar with all with some spoons in it so

That I can just grab them when I need Them All right so you're gonna do this and This is your topping that goes on top of That and I'm telling y'all Believe me when I say it is fine Okay Let's bring our casserole over here And put that on it don't leave out the Onions don't leave out anything you put That cabbage on there and You do it just like I'm showing you this How to do this And I promise you I promise you y'all Are going to absolutely love cabbage Casserole Some of you have already made it you Couldn't believe it You said it was the best thing my Husband loved it everybody at my church Loved it All right we're gonna cook this on 350 Degrees uncovered For about 30 or 40 minutes let me look Over here and check let me check 45 Minutes on 350. Okay so we'll pop it in the oven I I Need to go up a little bit Let me fix that and then we'll go up to 350. there we go You pop it in I need to move something out of the way They all right 45 minutes I'll be watching it that is

All it is to it y'all and you're gonna Absolutely love it so get you a cabbage Kind of you get one that's um kind of Big and cut part of it off if you want To or you can get just a regular size And put it all in there but don't leave Out the onions because that the reason You put the onions on top is because the Onions have a liquid in it and that Liquid is going to go down through that Cabbage like this it's going to drip out Of the onion and go down in there it's Going to be so good y'all see my new Apron Serving Jesus and biscuits Look what comes first what comes first Jesus does all right Um I'll take this out about 45 minutes I Guess