Candy Bar Cake | Cooking With Brenda Gantt 2022

By | December 26, 2022
Candy Bar Cake  | Cooking With Brenda Gantt 2022

Hey y'all listen I'm going to make some Y'all sweet tea for tomorrow for Christmas day and I'm fixing to put my Water on and then I'm gonna make a candy Bar cake for tomorrow so uh this is Christmas Eve and so I'm gonna put this on as soon as I get It done but I'm gonna make tea and a Cake this afternoon So I'm gonna put some water in here The correct amount is Four cups And I know exactly how many four cups is I've done this so many times all right Let's put our water on we're gonna put It on and when it gets hot when that Water gets hot I'm gonna drop this tea Bag in it Let it steep for nine minutes and we'll Make our tea but until then uh let's Make our candy bar cake Good evening y'all I fixed to make a Little quick candy bar cake it's made With a cake mix it's like a little last Minute thing it's Christmas Um just a little extra I'm gonna whip up For the kids because they love candy bar Cake anyways you can whatever cake mix You want to buy I bought a chocolate one Oh My goodness let me put it in there so We're gonna put a You know you're not supposed to beat These too long

Let me grieve the cake playing you can't Plan yet cake pan yet this oh Lord's Crows are coming up All right we're gonna add a cup of water Because that's you just do it right by The what's your recipe calls on your Cake mix Well they're coming in There's a cup of water A half a cup of vegetable oil And three eggs They're supposed to be room temperature But I had about forever but y'all my Eggs are still cold I do know this I've got my hair set on 67 back there Because then I knew if I set it at 70 or Something it probably never would go off Well it had been off yet you just keep I've got two meatballs going Now here's our little three eggs so this Is just something you can make that's Kind of quick and easy right at the last Minute you thought you'd need a little Extra All right I'm gonna turn on medium heat Now for this medium to speed just for a Minute let that get all beat up in there While that's happening I'm going to Grease I'm going to glue mine in this This time it's a big one I got a plan I'm gonna do He's in the tree Foreign

Let's see if we can see him y'all see That Crow right there Look at there's two of them I mean you you won't even see them out There and all of a sudden you'll put Something out for the songbirds and They'll the crows come and want to get It all right got my oven set on 350. And this looks like it's about ready you Don't want to over mix it Thank you Okay Now this is just a little something Simple that y'all can do And even if you don't have the candy Bars that I have that's okay you can put In whatever kind of candy you've got Maybe some homemade candy or whatever That you need to put in Well Santa Claus is coming tonight isn't It Yes it is He's got a all I can say is I'll say Nick's got a cold cold Slight at night he's got a cold sleigh Tonight I'm gonna have to read on that box to See Uh how long to cook it because I'm not I Know I'm not cooking it in the pan they Want it in but this is a pan I will read In You just can't beat chocolate can you Oh my goodness

I went over to Hannah's while ago and She had Um Some Chicken vegetable soup and she put Cabbage in hers and if y'all never tried Putting cabbage in your soup it gives it A wonderful flavor Just wonderful I think she's doing a refrigerator clean Out because she knows tomorrow we'll be Eating All kind of good stuff all right because This is Christmas Eve I'm making this Cake on Christmas Eve I'll post it this Afternoon so you can see it All right let's put this in the oven on 350 and then we'll start on our ice and I'll show you what we're going to do on It well our cake is cooking we're gonna Wake up with some icing and what I did Is I took my cream cheese and I put it In this package in the oven for just a Minute So we could kind of sort of get warm It's so cold in my house that my cheese Was as hard as a brick I got to thinking about all you people In the north I don't I honestly don't Know how y'all make it I just I do not Know how you do it And I have people that come To visit me from the north And they some of them come in the

Wintertime and what they do is when they Come down here y'all no kidding it'll be 50 degrees and I've got on my sweatshirt Coat and all that stuff and they're Walking around in shorts they said to Them it felt it felt warm to them Oh my goodness all right so there's one Thing of cream cheese and one stick of Butter and I'm I kind of melted it a Little bit too And I'm gonna put in a half a cup of Sugar I don't know that this is going to Be enough we're going to start with that Okay Be real creamy You know uh on Christmas Eve night which Says tonight I'm making this The afternoon right now Um Oh they're old but she always made what We had for Christmas Eve that was we had Liver hash And what that was was um You had she put a pork In the in the pot she put pork uh like a Boston butt or something like that she Put that and um Liver uh she'd put pig liver pork liver And then she would put used to they Would sail uh lights but then they Outlawed it and what lights was was the Long of beef so she'd get the love the Likes the liver and the pork and cooked

That down with onions and black pepper And it and it was delicious she put a Lot of onions in it and she'd make a Huge pot of rice and the liver hash Would be kind of um Not soupy but it it did have it was Moist it had juicy in it and you just Put that over your rice and that's what We ate every Christmas Eve without Mirage And um they don't sell that you can buy The liver that you could buy the pork But you can't buy lights anymore they Don't they don't sell that After you had your own pigs you could Y'all could do that Okay let me taste this and see if it's Got enough Sugar Seemed like you need just a scoop over Let me get just a little bit more I'm gonna get Maybe a fourth of a cup or a third of a Cup or something like that It's this little bit right here Of course I'm gonna have candy bars in It we'll be on the sugar high When I was teaching school We'd have they all of the Halloween and The kids would go trick-or-treating well The next day when they got the school They were asked Hyped up as you have ever seen in your Life all that Sugar they had in their

Blood We knew that it would be a bad day when Mm-hmm that's good I'm gonna put just a spoon of vanilla so We got a stick of butter a thing of um Cream cheese and maybe A cup and just a little bit over for That I'm gonna put just a little vanilla In it and then that's gonna be our icing But also when I'm going I dropped something Also what I'm going to do is this Um We're gonna have a dollop of the real Whipping cream on top of each piece Excuse me Let me call you I got choked on Something All right We've got our icing ready our cake is Cooking And we're gonna get over here and unwrap Our candy bars get them ready Thank you I remember One Christmas my brothers and I we all Got bicycles at Christmas It was so much fun we lived in a Neighborhood that had a um Well we lived on a dead end street but There was a circle in our neighborhood You drove up into the neighborhood and There was this big circle so we just Ride our bikes round and around and

Around that Circle And um I could ride with no hands I mean I'd Ride for hours with no hands I'd I learned how to do that all right Here's your here's your ice and see how Pretty it is Makes a good I said If it doesn't get hard in this cold Kitchen before I can get it spread on my Cake I see you can do all of this All right we're gonna what we're gonna Do just let this sit here until the cake Gets ready I'm gonna move y'all over here in just a Second those people who haven't used This y'all sleep too all you do is when Your water gets to almost a bowl which By was you just drop this tea bag in it It's gonna make the whole gallon you Drop it in the water I always push mine Down a little bit And then I'm gonna put a top over There We're just gonna let it sit there for Nine minutes and then we'll do it up Okay I've chopped me a few pecans right Here got me some preachers out I'm gonna Put these right here and we're going to Use this Eagle brand milk I've got our Icing in this thing right here so all We're doing is waiting on the cake So I'm gonna show y'all how to make um

Whipping cream now all right we're gonna Make this whipping real whipping cream And you want to use your wire to do this One You know if you've got a hand mixer you You that you can do it with that too Okay Um this when we eat our cake we're gonna Have a bowl of this whipping cream in The refrigerator and you just get your Spoon down in there and get you a big Dollop to put on your cake because it is So good if you've never eaten real Whipping cream You have missed out Um it's like um Like nothing else it's not like any kind Of whipped topping you've ever tried Okay it's totally different and I don't Normally buy a quart of this stuff I buy That pint size and it makes a lot but They didn't have they did not have any In the grocery store in the Pint sizes Everybody already bought it all Let me get me a measure cup out of here A pint I mean a cup and a half or Something like that see how thick it is Look at that All right there's your whipping cream All right now I don't want to waste it it's expensive Anyway I never do buy I'd never buy a Big thing like that but it was either That I had to buy it or not get it at

All and another thing they didn't have At the grocery store yesterday Which I was gonna buy Um get some eggnog because when I make My eggnog I put some of the ball in it And you'll see that in the recipe book All right so what you do when you when You pour this into your mixer you're Going to turn it on its highest speed Until it Peaks But if y'all would get you some of this It'll keep for several days in a Container and just get you some and make It some real whipping cream A lot of people like this on their Pancakes Of sugar in it when it tastes but I'm Not putting any vanilla or anything like That at least some sugar so I'll go Ahead and get that out I don't know if I'll use all that and That's about three tablespoons All right he's thickening up We talk about fattening This in fact it is very fabulous This is what it says don't need it It's 50 calories For one Tablespoon So I'm telling you I'm probably gonna Need at least three tablespoons on my Piece of cake so that's 150 calories 50 calories For one tablespoon and there's something

I told you if you're trying to gain Weight I don't know many people that are but if You're trying to gain weight you could Sure gain it with this All right Turn it off so you can see what we're Looking at Foreign That's how it looks Oh gosh it tastes good just like that so Now I'm going to turn it and put my Sugar in it and it'll be ready I'm gonna use all of it I think That was about three tablespoons Foreign Yes this is good on just chocolate cake It's delicious on pecan pie Just a dollop on top of your pecan pie I Love it on it or your egg custard pie There's so many good pies Foreign You don't want to put it on something That's really hot because it might melt Anyway That's how you make real whipping cream Look at that That must be about 400 calories right There Oh goodness Oh lordy lordy lordy I don't want to waste any of it I want to thank that That quart was like

Almost four dollars just for that but Listen it's Christmas And I wanted real whipping greens I didn't want something that's just out Of the frozen section or the Refrigerator section I wanted the real deal Miller heard the real McCormick that's What I wanted All right so I'm just going to put this In the refrigerator until it's time to Eat our cake This will be tomorrow so I probably need To put some plastic wrap over it Okay I hope this video isn't going to be too Long All right we need to strike our tea up Now so come on over here because it's Been nine minutes Oh All right so here's how you dig it y'all Sweet tea I feel like most of y'all have Already gotten yours and you know how to Do it but what you do is this Um you you get your ice and put it in Your Um to in your picture and so uh we're Gonna get four cup size we had four cups Of water now we're gonna get four cups Of ice Let me get my picture over here I had water in it last night I was Afraid that maybe we had run out of

Water because it's so cold All right All you do now is you just pour this in Here Let me get me something I don't want my Bag to fall pour it over that ice that I Know it goes against your grain to do That But that's what you're supposed to do Give it a quick stir it and this is Where you're going to put your sugar in It and um As this is Christmas I'm gonna put sugar In it I'm gonna I think I'm gonna put about Three sticks in here It you could put a if he wants sweet tea You could put a uh You could put a cup in there two cups Cup and a half whatever your family Likes so I'm gonna put three scoops Because that's gonna be a cup Because this this good confusion is About a third of a cup You can't even get me a spoon a wooden Spoon that we're gonna give it We're going to have our tea for tomorrow Foreign This is the one that was made for me and Then they made this one for banks One of our sweet followers but it is too Little for She could save it for her her daughter That's what she can do

She's wearing full grown aprons now She's grown so much to die in the last Two years we've been together To get been together that long All you do then is fill up your picture I know my kitchen is a mess I'll fix it After I do this cake I'm gonna clean it Up I don't even have any uh Cookies to sit out for Santa Claus I Guess I'll just give him a piece of cake Tonight I think he'd like that As cold as it is he might Love A Piece Of Cake tonight instead of a cookie and Milk I might give him some hot hot tea And A hot cocoa or something and a chocolate Pie okay I'm gonna check my cake let me See if it's ready okay it's not quite Ready I stuck a skewer down in it was Still on it so I'm gonna cook it about Five more minutes Okay the Cake's still in there it lights In a couple more minutes So what I've done is these this is our What's going to go on this icing Okay So what you do is this you cut you up a Few pecans kind of big because they Don't I don't want them little and I've Got uh five candy bars out here no I've Got six I've got some little heath bars But they're just that little bite that

Little mini kind so I've got three of Those I've got one Snicker bar and two Score bars You can use whatever kind you want to They've been in the freezer so what I do Because I wore them real hard I just hit It with a hammer And It's supposed to break it up it ain't Seen it Like that Take your aggression out on these candy Bars This is four bar They're real good Helmet Okay another store bar And your Snickers He's kind of big Him a little harder Did it scare you No lordy Okay Look at that so you put nice little Chunks that is I bet you this Cake's gonna be five Million calories Okay let's open my little Heath bar I might not need all these if I don't I'll just put it in a Ziploc bag and Freeze it to it uh that up until I want It I'm certainly not throwing it away That's for certain

Um Okay here's the score bar All these have a different flavor to Them so that's not why I like to get Different ones You could use whatever you like I wouldn't use a Hershey's chocolate Because it doesn't have any different Flavors in it it's just chocolate if You're going to do that you might as Well put chocolate chips in Okay one more we're almost there I was looking around to see if I saw my Scissors but I don't All right we're gonna check our cake now And see what it's doing Okay let me check the cake Is ready Here's our cake Our chocolate cake I'll show you the next thing we do let Me turn this off Okay I think I put uh let me move this back a Little bit because I want to show you What I'm going to do Moment All right let's see if you can see good Okay all right so here's what you do You take you a skewer you don't want to Take one that's too fat or the or Whatever And um you poke holes in it Like that

And then you're going to take a can of Eagle brand milk Hey y'all you're talking about rich I'm Telling you this thing is so fattening But I know one thing Is good All right now that I'm gonna pour this On it This stuff's so cold it can't pour out Let me see if I got a spoon stir it Around maybe Foreign And you're hoping it's gonna go down in The cave you're supposed to do it while The cake is still warm It won't be warm long when they pouring This cold stuff on the top of it Mama Um Where I used to live when I was a Teenager We lived in a uh a house that had a Balcony because it had a basement in it And our den was really on the back it Was really on the second floor but on The front it looked like just a One-story house but it was actually a Two-story house with a with that Basement and at a Um A A balcony on it That nothing could get to because it was Up way off the ground

Well Mama would make all these cakes and Pies and all this stuff and she uh She would uh She didn't have and some of them like That coconut cake like to be Refrigerated yeah I put that in the Cookbook and y'all seen it before like What you do next y'all I'm gonna take my Pecans and sprinkle those on so anyway She would put her um cakes all the porks She had one of those I think was a big Old tupperware container some kind of Cake thing And she would put that on the porch so If you wanted cake and coffee you had to Go outside And um That was too fat that'd be cool to hit Him again you had to go outside on the Patio and get you a I've been on the balcony and get you you Can't bring it inside cut you a piece Let me mix that up I can tell I'm not Gonna need all this candy bars We'll put the rest of it in a little bag Put it in some cookies or something Sometime That's a plenty my word Um so that's how you do that now we're Going to try to put on our icing and This is going to be a real Something I didn't put an old can of That out there I didn't need it Anyway so Obama would have several cakes

Out there and she'd have her candies out There keeping them good and cold and That was in Tuscaloosa Alabama And at the back of our lot we had a a Canal that went out to the to a big lake We didn't live on the lake but that Canal would go out to it and it was real Shallow it probably wasn't Maybe two feet deep or something like That just deep enough for you to get Your Boating back in there And that thing in the wintertime would Freeze up it'd be solid ice that Canal Would And me and my brothers and the Neighborhood kids would get out there And um Put it with our rubber boots on And I skate with a rubber boots on It was fun We had a good time I almost fear this this is way too much Icing so you've got something left to Ice some cookies or something too Now if I'd have made it in that big long Pan or made it with a Three pack three cake pans you know a Stack cake you could have done that too Okay I'm gonna smear it around just a little Bit so everybody can get a bite or two And this is where it's going to be the Um

The The whipping cream Y'all this is mighty Rich I'm telling You so you want if you're gonna drink Coffee with it don't be putting a bunch Of sugar in your coffee you do not need It Just just put um Black coffee in a cup and have a piece Of this cake And I'm fixed to have a piece of it Right here in front of you Because I've already heated my coffee From this morning up in the microwave Over there Oh that's too hot Let me go get my coffee Okay I've got a big mug of coffee right Here Black coffee And I'm gonna cut me a piece of this Okay Y'all can stay with me And and I'll tell you how it tastes Oh My goodness all right now let's get us Some whipping cream Y'all can come over here and sit by me At the table Would y'all like to drink coffee with me This afternoon We have a tablecloth on the table Tonight It's just a plain old table today my old

Wooden table Foreign Our whipping cream what did I do with That Oh here it is I found it I found it I Found it there it is Why don't we know Thank you Okay get you a dollar for this whipping Cream Okay there's 50 calories 100 calories And 150 calories Plus That cake All right can y'all see my stuff right Here now Foreign How rich and good is that Absolutely delicious Anyway Happy Christmas Eve y'all happy Christmas Eve I made this for tomorrow But I had to have a piece tonight The nuts and the candy is so good in it I like the candy that I picked out Anyway I'm gonna let y'all go let me get you Over here to me Let me wish you a very merry Christmas And a happy New Year bless your hearts And You can make your good old candy bar Cake like mine maybe some coffee

And you'll be in hog heaven Thank you Jesus for being born and Coming to the Earth To this old sinful Earth Saving our souls Merry Christmas y'all bye-bye