Homemade Jell-O Tapioca Salad Recipe

By | December 23, 2022
Homemade Jell-O Tapioca Salad Recipe

Thank you Welcome back beautiful family today I Want to share with you a very delicious Salad for the holidays that I know you Guys are going to love but first things First my apron is on my hands are clean And I am ready to show you my Ingredients To prepare this delicious Jello and Tapioca salad for the holidays these are The ingredients I have blueberry Jello Lemon jello strawberry jello that it's Going to be made with water of course The tapioca pearls evaporated milk Condensed milk heavy whipping cream and Of course some molds this is everything We need so let's get started Here I want to start first dissolving The jello I have three cups of very hot Boiling water and I'm going to add the Lemon jello make sure that you mix for At least two to three minutes so all the Gelatin really dissolves and your Jello Comes out perfect Remember every time you make your Jello Make sure that you mix it for a couple Minutes So that the jello is nice and firm and Delicious when it is ready to eat This part is very important always use Very hot boiling water and mix it really

Good and once you have this done just Put it aside and let them come up to Room temperature here I have the tapioca Pearls and I am ready to put them in hot Water I'm going to add them in the hot Water cook them for about 20 minutes Until they start getting translucent This is gonna take about 20 minutes But let me tell you This salad of jello and tapioca pearls Come out amazing I'm adding a little bit Of vegetable oil I'm gonna grease my Molds really good so that the jello Comes out perfect when it's done and now I am ready to start adding the jello to The most and of course I'm gonna take Them to the refrigerator for about two Hours every refrigerator is different But here I'm going to go ahead And put them in the refrigerator for About two hours until they're nice and Firm Look at this look how beautiful colors And they're ready to go and hear that The bokas have been in boiling for about 15 minutes After the 20 minutes you could really See that tapiocas really translucent Look at this now they are translucent And once you have them like this turn Off the stove cover your pot and let it Sit for at least 15 minutes Of course after the 15 minutes you are Going to drain them rinse them really

Good and now you're ready to prepare Your three milks I'm going to start with The condensed milk And then I'm going to add just a little Bit of the evaporated milk I'm going to Mix it really good making sure that Everything is well Incorporated before I Add the rest of the evaporated milk now I'm going to add the heavy whipping Cream And once the three milks are Incorporated I am ready to add the Tapioca pearls look at this I am using Small tapioca pearls but of course you Could use medium or large you decide but I really love using the small ones Because you could really feel that Texture in your mouth when you are Really enjoying this amazing Jello Tapioca salad Well I'm going to incorporate it really Good I'm going to let it rest For about 20 minutes before I add it Into the jello Look at this look how beautiful this is Of course the tapioca pearls are going To absorb All the flavors of the milk This is a very easy and delicious Dessert that of course you can make Year-round but I love making it In the holidays it's very festive and It's a very traditional Jello and here I Am going to go ahead and start getting

The jellos out of the mold and I'm going To start slicing and cutting them in Cubes you decide how large you want your Cubes okay I want a medium size So I'm going to start adding everything Into my bowl The jellos were in the refrigerator for About two hours And they came out amazing nice and firm They came out of the molds really easily And I can't wait to enjoy to tell you The truth I really love this dessert It's a very easy dessert and a very Creamy and delicious dessert to enjoy at Home with your loved ones Look at this Just go ahead cut it in cubes And add it to the rest of the jellos And look at the beautiful colors of the Jello Once you have your Jello already cutting Cubes then this is where the magic Happens this is where you add the three Milks with the tapioca pearls And you are going to see how amazing This looks look at this really creamy And delicious and of course don't forget To add Your vanilla extract I am adding vanilla Paste but you could add vanilla extract If you don't have vanilla paste You're Gonna Take It to the refrigerator and You're gonna leave it there for at least

20 minutes before you are ready to enjoy Like I said don't forget your vanilla Extract or your vanilla paste This is going to really Elevate all Those amazing flavors And once it is incorporated you are Ready Of course put it in the refrigerator for About 20 minutes and then you're ready To serve if you liked and loved this Recipe I invite you to surprise Subscribe be part of my family And of course enjoy my recipes happy Holidays and don't forget add a little Bit of heavy whipping cream right on the Top I'm ready for the presentation I'll See you in a bit My friends I am completely done with This amazing Jello and tapioca salad I Am sure you guys are going to love it I Added some heavy whipping cream right on The top You need to prepare this especially for The holidays Um You could really feel the pearls of the Tapioca And the jello Amazing Um Like I always say when you bake and you

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