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By | December 21, 2022
Visit My Sites Link In Description  | Cooking With Brenda Gantt 2022

Good morning sweet friends look what I'm Doing this morning I'm sitting by the Fire I've already had uh two cups of Coffee I haven't eaten anything yet but I'm gonna get in there I think I'm gonna Have scrambled eggs with a little onions In it this morning those little green Onions y'all my little green onions Outside are working so good they're just Growing the ones I told y'all you could Cut off that little tiny end with a Little root on it at the grocery store And plant them and they'd grow well they Are growing and somebody wrote in and Said theirs were growing too but anyway I'm just kind of sitting here by myself This morning and it's early see it's Still kind of just barely getting day Out there y'all can see out the window Oh this morning but anyway I got my gas Logs going this morning I um really I Wanted Um You know some some that look real and You got that little blue spot down there That didn't look too real does it But I didn't know what I ordered them And and now here they are but uh I've Had them for several years now I don't Know how long but it just feels so cozy Doesn't it I've been thinking about all You people in the north and even in Texas I got a um A text this morning from somebody in

Texas a personal friend and they said They were expecting really cold weather And so we are too this coming weekend so What I do is I have to get out and wrap My pipes Um because I've got some that's that PVC That just comes up out of the ground Where I've got a spigot so what I do is I wrap them good with Um newspaper sometimes sometimes an old Time we'll wrap them real good then I Put a five gallon bucket down on the top Of it so when the daylight comes I got On George's sweatshirt and George's Sweatpants this morning it's what I've Got on Oh and I've got a 100 I've got a pajama Top For extra heat I put on the coat and get Out there and do it in a little bit and Put on the hat and that kind of stuff But anyway Um I fixed a really good beef stew uh Yesterday A huge pot of it and I've eaten it for Two days so it is really good I put uh Two big roasted that they had on special And then I put potatoes and carrots and Onions and tomatoes and all kinds of Seasoning that's what I had in it oh but I did put a couple of um But thanks to celery that was just for Taste but anyway I've been eating that And um drinking coffee and trying to

Just stay inside and that kind of thing But I just want you to say hi this Morning and I I'm gonna I've got a candy bar cake I'm Gonna cook at some point today so I'll Put that on probably tomorrow's because The kids really like that at Christmas Time and so I'm gonna make it and I'll Show you how it's real easy but uh it's Good but anyway uh just good morning to Y'all out there in this old cold weather And uh I hope you have a a good day and I'll stay all bundled up and my friends In the northern countries uh I I hate That y'all are so cold I know you can't Even stick your your foot out the door Uh I don't think I could live with y'all It's so cold up there that is gracious I Don't see how you do it you strong People I guess But anyway uh just wishing you a good Morning a merry Christmas and I hope you Stay snuggled up today and you probably Like me you got on sweatpants and Sweatshirt and a coat and something to Stay warm with I've got um a little Space heater in the back back there I've Been ironing a little few little things This morning And um So anyway so that I fixed it Go scramble Me a couple of eggs and Um put some cheese and onions in it to Make me a little scrambled egg thing

I love y'all and uh Merry Christmas to You Oh I hope your family's beginning to Come in or you're going there and y'all Can all be together and don't forget to Hug your love on each other bye bye