Make and Freeze Uncooked Tamales at home

By | December 21, 2022
Make and Freeze Uncooked Tamales at home

Welcome back beautiful family today I Want to show you step by step how Compare your mama white and red for Tamales and how to save your tamales if You're not going to cook them the same But first things first my apron is on my Hands are clean and I am ready to show You my ingredients I am going to start of course with the Paper to Cover your tamales and the corn husks They are nice and stiffed and you are Going to separate them and add them add Some hot water to them and they're going To get nice and pliable remember when You cook and you make these amazing Tamales you could freeze them you could Cook them they're going to last about Six months in the freezer here I'm Adding hot water And I want to show you step by step how To make your tamales from one Masa Create Masa Blanca and create Masa Roja And of course the best thing is step by Step freezing them uncooked so when you Have the desire to have a Tamal even in Summer yes they are frozen ready to be Eaten but here I added the lard I added Half an onion and now I'm ready to Remove I am ready to use the maseka for Tamales the baking powder and I am ready To mix completely once it's mixed I'm Going to add the lard into the dry

Ingredients I'm going to add the chicken Broth and I am going to mix for about One hour until the dough is nice and Soft When the dough is nice and soft then you Are ready to make the test of the cup of Water yes after one hour you're gonna Get a little bit of the dough of the Masa and you are going to put it inside The water if it floats that means the Masa has the enough Lard and enough liquid so it has to Float now I am ready to start preparing The chicken I have three chicken breasts The water is boiling I'm adding my bay Leaves my salt and my garlic cloves I'm Going to cook until the chicken is nice And tender once this is nice and tender I'm going to remove and I am going to Shred the chicken really good Once it's nice and shredded I'm going to Put it aside and I'm going to make my Black salsa this black salsa you already Have it on my channel but I want to show You how you could make and preserve your Raw tamales in the freezer like I said You could make them and then enjoy them Throughout the year I have Chile diabol Black chili pots and of course I'm going To remove the seeds from the black chili Pots this salsa doesn't come out spicy Where you say this is too spicy it Cannot handle it but if you don't like Spicy food do not add the Chile de Arbon

Maybe one or two I added half a cup and Here the tomatillos are getting nice and Roasted I'm going to remove the garlic Cloves I'm going to add the Chile's Diabol do not step away because the Chili diarpos get nice and toasted Really fast and you don't want to burn Them once they are nice and roasted then You're ready to add all your chili pots And your chili diabol garlic clove into Your blender and add the chicken broth It's about two cups of chicken broth I Am going to add it in here I'm going to Push everything to the bottom so Everything is nice and covered and the Chilies get to hydrate in the very hot Chicken broth I'm gonna cover it and Just leave it behind once the tomatillos Are getting nice and roasted I am going To flip them and I like to put this Portion down because that takes longer To get nice and cooked once this is Nicely cooked I'm going to remove Once you remove them do not take the Skin off leave the skin on so your salsa Comes out with that delicious and Amazing flavor of the roasted tomatillos I'm going to add in everything to my Blender cup I'm going to blend it until It's nice and smooth This is the perfect salsa for your Tamales this salsa I'm going to use I'm Going to add into the chicken that is Already shredded I am going to add to

The masa for the Foreign And the flavors are amazing here I have All the ingredients ready we are ready To go we're going to start with the Masa I have the Masa here I'm going to Separate half of the Masa because I want White Masa and red Masa and look at this Look how easy it is to turn the white Masa into red Masa I'm gonna add some Couple of spoons of the black salsa into The Masa once is the color of my desire I am ready here I have the chicken that Is already shredded I'm going to add the Same salsa into the chicken and I am Going to mix completely once everything Is covered we are ready to make and Assemble our tamales I have the Masa Here the white Masa I am going to add Very generous the feeling of the chicken And then we are going to wrap when you Do it this way some tamales come out Small sometimes mollies come out large It all depends how much Masa you put in Every single tamale Of course if you don't have a measuring Measure one cup of every Masa well then You'll have almost the exact amount but Here I'm showing you how easy it is to Spread the Masa it could be the white Masa it could be the red Masa and then Add your filling in the center wrap it Up really good and then you're ready to Go if you want your all your tamales to

Be the same size well then you pull out Your tortilla presser and you start Pressing your Masa and let me show you How you do it always separate the red Masa and the white Masa tamales here's My tortilla press I'm going to press it Remember when you do it this way all Your tamales are going to come out the Same size No bigger or no smaller they're all Going to be the same size here I'm Adding and look how easy it is To make these tamales especially if you Want all your tamales to be the same Size now you wrap them the same way and You continue with your red Masa once you Make all your tamales you put them in a Bag you freeze them for months they last In the refrigerator for about six seven Months and they will come out exactly Like if you just made them okay when I Say that you need to try it make your Tamales freeze them and when you're Ready to cook them just get the tamales That you're going to enjoy that day and Make them they are going to taste Amazing Let me tell you they're gonna taste like If you took your time and made them that Same day sometimes in summer you wanna Enjoy a delicious Tamal well then this Is the trick make them be hard Beforehand if you're gonna celebrate Christmas or New Year's and you are

Going to be in charge of making tamales For your whole family where you can make Them in advance I have other tamales here I have 20 of Each one 40 of each one and I love adding them Into a plastic bag 20 in each bag and I Like labeling them so that I know that I'm having white Masa in this chicken Tamales or red Masa in the In these tamales so once I added 20 in Each in each bag I am going to wrap them Up just like that tie the bag really Tight so they don't move around they Have no space to move around and then Just like that label it put chicken White tamales chicken red tamales and Then you are ready to go Look at this very easy to prepare I am Sure that once you make them you are Going to really love them if you liked And love this recipe and how to prepare Step-by-step your tamales uncooked and Wrap them please leave me a thumbs up Share this video on social media and be Part of cooking with Gloria remember to Label your tamales once they are labeled You are ready to go look at this I'll See you in a bit My friends I am completely done Making step-by-step tamales White and red and of course sometimes You want to make this in advance and yes You may you can make them in advance a

Couple weeks or a month even in advance You just prepare them like this you Label them if they're gonna be with with Masa white or Masa red but this is the Perfect way to make your tamales in Advance if you like and love this recipe I invite you to subscribe leave me a Thumbs up share this video on social Media with your friends with your Relatives so cooking with Gloria keeps Growing don't forget to push that Notification Bell and if you did leave It activated so every time I make an Amazing recipe yes you're going to be Notified before I say I see you soon I Wish you nothing but the best Peace and love I love you guys thank you For being here thank you for being part Of cooking with Gloria like subscribe And share and see you on my next amazing Recipe bye