The Best Black Tomatillo Salsa

By | December 19, 2022
The Best Black Tomatillo Salsa

Thank you Welcome back beautiful family today I Want to share with you a very delicious Black tomatillo salsa that I know you Guys are going to love but first things First my apron is on my hands are clean And I am ready to show you my Ingredients To prepare this delicious black Tomatillo salsa these are the Ingredients I have chicken broth but if You don't have chicken broth you could Use Chicken bouillon Tomatillos Garlic cloves Chile de Arbol Chile negro Parts half an Onion this is everything we need to Prepare this delicious and spicy black Salsa so let's get started Okay I am going to start with the Tomatillos of course you're going to Take the casing off you're going to Rinse them out and by that time your Skillet is going to be nice and hot well Here I'm just going to start adding this Side down Of the tomatillos because this side will

Take longer to cook So now I'm going going to add the Tomatillos to the very hot Skillet once it's nice and hot lower the Temperature to medium heat and just Leave them there until they are nice and Roasted I am going to add my garlic Cloves and I'm going to add half an Onion Let me tell you this salsa comes out Delicious and it goes with everything I Have here my chile de Arbol that I'm Going to roast and I have here the black Chili pad These black chili pots I have such a Delicious and amazing flavor That you need to really make this Amazing salsa of course you are going to Open every single one remove all the Seeds rinse them out because of course When you put chilies to dry they could Have a little bit of dirt so just make Sure that you rinse them really good You open them up and you get all the Seeds and the veins out of the chi of The chili pot look at this This part is the part that takes the Longer because you really need to be Very careful and remove all the seeds Remove the veins opening them up But the aroma and the flavor of this Black chili pot is just amazing I love making this salsa at home you Decide how thick you want it or how

Runny you could even enjoy some amazing Tamales with this salsa Look at this well now Let's go see how the tomatillos are Doing of course you know that the garlic Really Rose really fast Be careful you don't want to burn your Garlic Because the garlic really gets nice and Roasted nice and fast So here once they are done I am going to Remove them and I am going to roast the Chile de Arbol the Chile the Apple be Very careful because they could burn Very easily do not step away once you Start smelling the aroma of the Chile The airport you are ready to remove Before they get burned and they get all Burned so here I'm going to remove them And I'm going to leave this for maybe Five more minutes now I'm adding the Black chili pot in my blender cup I'm Adding the Chile de Arbol and the garlic And of course I am using Chicken broth but if you don't have Chicken broth you could add hot water so That the chilies start getting nice and Hydrated So when you are ready you could blend Them really good now I am ready to flip The onion and the tomatillos look at Them look how beautiful they look Getting them nice and roasted really Gives the salsa a delicious flavor

Because you're waking up those flavors Of the tomatillos Look at this I am sure that once you make this Amazing salsa you are really going to Enjoy it I'm going to leave them for About two more minutes And then I am ready to remove them look At this one by one I'm adding them to my Plate And once you start adding them to a Plate you are ready to make the salsa do Not remove the skin you really want the Smoky flavor Of the tomatillos In this delicious homemade black salsa Let me show you from close-ups so that You could see how roasted they are they Have even changed color and now when you Have them like this just add them Directly into your blender you decide Like I said how thick you want this Salsa or how runny With this salsa you could make delicious And amazing tapales you could add it to The meat or chicken for your tamales you Could even add this salsa to your masa For tamales And now I am ready to blend away Once this is done let me show you the Texture of this black salsa look at this The aroma of everything being nice and Roasted the aroma really invaded by

Kitchen Let me bring you in nice and close so That you see the texture of this Delicious salsa You could add it in tacos add it to Rice Add it to so many different recipes that I know you guys are going to love if you Liked and loved this recipe I invite you To subscribe leave me a thumbs up and I'll see you in just a little bit Of course tasting my recipes let's see How this came out Let me tell you this salsa is good for Everything excuse me Um It's a little spicy but the flavors of The black chili pot just amazing The combination of the tomatillo and the Spices just perfection made at home if You liked and loved this recipe I Invited to subscribe Leave me a thumbs up share this video on Social media with your friends with your Relatives so cooking with Gloria keeps Growing don't forget to push that Notification button if you did leave it Activated so every time I make an Amazing recipe yes you're going to be Notified before I say I see you soon I Wish you nothing but the best peace and Love I love you guys thank you for being Here thank you for being part of cooking

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